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Water Saving Tips from Driptech Plumbing

With California experiencing one of its worst droughts on record, it is important that everyone do their part to reduce their H2O footprint. Driptech Plumbing would like to share some drought friendly tips and suggestions to help you save water.

REBATES: Get paid to save with rebates from the Marin Municipal Water District:

  • Get up to $ 150 each for EPA WaterSense - Labeled Toilets (limit 2 per household)
  • Get up to $ 150 for an Energy Star most efficient clothes washer
Water Saving
Simple tips that cost you nothing:

  • Take Shorter Showers: Every minute less equals 2.5 gals saved
  • Water Your Garden Morning or Night When It’s Cooler: Saves on average 25 gals each watering by reducing evaporation
  • Wash Full Loads of Dishes & Laundry: Saves 5-10 gals per skipped load

Additional water saving suggestions:

  • Install Low Flow Showerheads: Save 1-2 gals per minute (gpm)
  • Install Low Flow Toilets: Cut your water consumption by 25% of more
  • Install Faucet Aerators: Reduce the water flow rate from 2.5 gpm to 1 gpm
  • Install Energy Star & WaterSense dishwashers and washing machines: Save 10-25 gallons per load
  • Fix Your Leaks: Even the smallest trickling could be wasting 10-20 gals a day

Driptech Plumbing can help you with your water conservation by offering:

  • Free Water Saving Inspection: Water Meter, Crawl Space & Fixtures

In addition, we can:

  • Install Grey Water Systems & Storage Tanks for Garden Use
  • Install Low Flush Toilets (1.2 gpm) & Fixtures
  • Install Aerators and Flow Restrictors on Faucets

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